Sunday, October 3, 2010


It seems it is easier to contemplate impermanence these days.
I rest in the breath. Believing I lack concentration I turn my attention to the breathing-body process.
Something is lacking and soon I'm diving in and out the teachings of the Daodejing.
Take a backward step. The last factors of anapanasati are the gate to Silent Illumination.
Fading away: the need to provide an answer to an uncertain future, or to post a blog comment.
Cessation: attachments, words, needs, explanations, the wanting to be this and not wanting to be that.
Relinquishment: every instant is new, starting afresh, not concluded, not conditioned.
Then, back in the world, acting, speaking, moving.

Wind, old leaves in the trees become inocent children chasing each other, indifferent to external conditions.
And that light...


  1. The world starts to slow
    for nature's meditation.
    Autumn - take a breath!

  2. Can't make a haiku
    Images scurry like leaves
    Stuck! But life goes on...

  3. You two are really good.
    Do you count the words?
    Ha ha have a ni ce day

  4. Dusk falls early now -
    Time to count those syllables!
    Or words? Life goes 音 ...

  5. There was a young prince of the Shakyas,
    Who came up with a way to relax us,
    He ne'er wrote a book nor a cash offering took,
    As a means to transcend income taxes.

  6. There was a man made prince by a bunch of writers and storytellers.
    They took the cash offerings
    we pay the taxes
    (and, as we can see, we are going to do it for a long time)