Monday, April 25, 2011


"Reality is an illusion brought on by lack of alcohol."     Discuss.

(You may consider "alcohol" a metaphor, if you wish.)


  1. An overdose of buddhism can give you the same illusion.

  2. I doubt that Reality is really what most people are experiencing even without alcohol. I just think that alcohol changes our attitude from “I don’t want to care” to “I don’t care- if I don’t want to care.” Reality has very little to do with this.

  3. So I wonder what is reality then. How can we assert that "reality" is?

  4. Reality is not an illusion. It happens before what never does, and after what never was.

  5. Oh, how that takes me back to those wild college days . . .

    Unless Tozan is going to show up, in which case I have no comment. :-D

  6. [Translation of Erik's cryptic comment: the ghost of Tozan has recently been kicking the hell out of Erik in a koan exchange.]

  7. "I doubt that Reality is really what most are experiencing"...

    If you are experiencing, how do you not experience Reality?

    "Reality has very little to do with this."

    Reality has everthing "to do with this". Do these things take place outside Reality?

    "What is reality then."

    Reality is everything.

    "How can we assert that 'reality' is?"

    Reality is. One can't reasonably doubt direct experience.