Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Meditate on the Train

I live in the village of Babice, about 6km through the forest from Říčany, which itself is only a one-horse market town a half-hour train ride form Prague. Out here, there is no great demand for meditation tuition. One sees more wild boar than Buddhists.

Thus having some time spare, I have produced a very short, pocket-sized book. It is called How to Meditate on the Train. Two days a week I work in Prague. I join the commuters on the train. To many of them, this seems like dead time – or even an unpleasant time. I meditate on the train and it makes such a fine start to my working day! So I wrote a book to share what I know in a manner appropriate to the commuting environment. Having field-tested the book, I can tell you that the techniques taught are also appropriate for use in planes.

If you know anyone obliged to travel by train or plane who could find the experience more fruitful and pleasant, please let them know of this book's existence.

Europe: For the pocket-sized paperback, click here and for the eBook, here.
America: For the pocket-sized paperback, click here and for the eBook, here.


  1. Hi Michael. Great idea! I'll be exploring your book much further soon. I actually live in town of commuters. In fact one of our train stations is supposed to be the busiest in the Southern Hemisphere. I'd have to check that? :-). I see this as a valuable tool for those who travel an hour or more every day. Hoka Matt.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I've never been to your part of the world but if you bump into anyone called Pockley, they're my cousins! (My grandfather was 5th generation Sydney. He ended up in Africa...I ended up in Bohemia...)

    I think many meditation techniques are handy, as you say, for those who travel more than an hour; but I'd add that equally many are also handy, once practised for a while, for those who have shorter journeys, particularly for those who might find themselves claustrophobic in a short but crowded bus/underground/train/tram ride. Focussing on your tan tien, even for thirty seconds, is much less stressful than focussing on the lack of oxygen.

    If you wander through Prague, do come stay. we're in a village about half an hour out. Half an hour by train, of course!



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