Monday, November 8, 2010

Friends of the Way

During my ordination ceremony so many things happened that I could barely follow what was going on. Five days later, I dare to have a look at the presents I received that day. Among them I found this poem.

I’ve always loved friends of the Way
Friends of the Way I’ve always held dear
Meeting a traveler with a silent spring
Or greeting a guest talking Zen
Talking of the unseen on a moonlit night
Searching for the Truth until dawn
When ten thousand reasons disappear
And we finally see who we are
Cold Mountain

Well, it actually says it all.


  1. There's a certain quality to people of the Way, anywhere on the path is home.
    Solitude is independent of time and space.
    So here we are again.

    Welcome home Daishin!

  2. Ordination (noun):
    To join an order of friends
    As crazy as you!

  3. That certain quality is a great faith, great madness.

    Faithfully mad, wonderful madness.

  4. Just remember - in this club, membership lapses every 1/75 of a second.

    Don't forget to renew!