Sunday, November 28, 2010

No study

I have no time to study this days. Working in finding a work, working in developing my skills as a programmer, working in painting the bathroom, working in samsara.

I say I have no time to study and no time to practice. So when I sit, I'm worried. When I paint, I'm thinking I'd like to be "practising".

Then it happens again. Almost like a patient and compasive friend patting you softly in the back, as to wake you up: I can see the brush in my hand, my hand is white and moving up and down by the wall. There is this quality in the light, I AM PRACTICING. The wall is a book, the chair I'm standing on is my cushion, the bottom of the bucket is my teacher and he asks: "what is your practice?" And my hand answers, up and down, left and right, up and down.

Later, going for a walk, hard walk on the new snow, my nose says thanks to the cold, my chins cry in joy. The bent old tree asks again: "what is your practice?" I turn my head, three swans flying by, and I know I'm practicing, the swans can testify it.

I come home, wonderfully warm, I pick up the Dhammapada because I'm thirsty, as if had been to long away from my lover and I needed a kiss. I open the little book and read:

Those who awaken
Never rest in one place
Like swans they rise,
and leave the lake

Maybe there is no study, but there is practice

All the time


  1. Amen to that ^^ (nothing else to add: if you want to read something wise, go read this entry again :P)

  2. Yea, nothing to add.
    Just this

  3. Maybe the only time we're not doing Zen is when we're practising it!

  4. A monk asked Yunmen: What is the Buddha
    Yunmen answered: a dry shit-stick!

    Wait a moment, one is to find the Buddha in a dry shit-stick and not in "practice"?
    Look at my post again, I wrote about doing things and being worrying and complaining: is that "doing zen"?
    I guess Hommer Simpson doesn't practice too much zen, is he "doing zen"? If so, "his" zen is not "my " zen and I don't want it.
    So what do you "do" to "practice" zen?

  5. Fully immersed in discussing Zen is Zen.

    As regards Homer, fully immersed in drinking beer is Zen...but I fear he finds it hard to focus on just the one activity! Beer - nice taste! - TV - Bart - beer - peanuts, where's the peanuts? - nagging wife - beer - Lisa practising her damn sax again! - how to get the next beer from the fridge without moving? - Bart...Bart!!! - doh, get it myself - poor me - ah, beer! - TV - where's the peanuts? -...