Wednesday, December 9, 2009

become a raindrop in the ocean

The moment a raindrop touches the ocean it becomes the ocean, without hesitation the ocean and raindrop each accept becoming one, to awaken to our Buddha consciousness is exactly like this. What appears at one moment to be the consciousness of the individual is suddenly recognized as boundless ocean of consciousness, all perception of separate identity is instantly lost to the realization of universal awareness, the boundless Buddha Mind.

When we break through the barriers of conceptual thinking we have awakened to our Buddha Consciousness, this is not something achieved but rather something realized. Just like our eyes, our mind cannot see when it is closed. To become Buddha is to awaken, all we need do is open our minds and allow the ocean of consciousness to flow in.

We may think we see things as they are, but the diaphanous constructs of our ego centric identity become barriers as impenetrable as concrete walls. As long as we believe that we are separate, we have imprisoned ourselves. We become like a sealed bottle of water floating in the ocean, wondering why we feel trapped. Those of us who have not awakened are not alone in this delusion, most of humanity is likewise bottled up and bobbing about helplessly in an ocean of desolation.

Conceptual thinking is the barrier. To conceptualize is to interpret what we experience and make conclusions, which by definition are endings. Every concept is a portion separated from the whole by the conclusions that frame it, artificially bound by what we define as its limits. Without conceptual thinking everything returns to its original state which is boundless and complete. The awakened mind sees everything as it is, without concepts, without boundaries. By letting go of our self imposed boundaries we allow our minds to become boundless and our self identification becomes unlimited.

Those who identify with boundless awareness perceive the non-duality of reality and recognize themselves and all of nature as both singular and omnipresent, individual yet undifferentiated from the whole of existence. This is the root of mystical awareness and the Mystic is recognized by this identification. Unfettered by the gossamer tethers of conceptual thinking the Mystic awakens to boundless Buddha Mind and is set free.

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