Wednesday, December 9, 2009

do jhana

"Over there are the roots of trees; over there, empty dwellings. Practice jhana, monks. Don't be heedless. Don't later fall into regret. This is our message to you."      Master Gotama
Practice jhana, do jhana, do dhyana, do chan, do zen, meditate, do the work, stop doing, penetrate, abandon, come back again and again...

Persist. Awake!

When I want to know what the Buddha taught, I go to the suttas. When I want to know what the Buddha is, I go to Linji. When I ask for directions, I go to Sengcan. When I sit, I enter the realm of silent illumination and the boundless mind opens by itself responding appropriately in every situation.

If responding to situations is not appropriate then I go back and start again.

Breath in. Breath out.


  1. Jhana becomes dhyana, ch’an becomes zen, the dojin from Denmark brings us back again… to "do" is the only zen.

  2. Sensei,

    what a nice place to meet.
    So far and yet so near.

    I drink tea after a long day of work.

    How "do"?

    Just doing.

  3. One week Sunday we have our winter Sesshin here in Kidlington. Dojhana, if you can come in person, great! But if not, please tell us where you'll be, so we can welcome you in our minds.