Monday, December 14, 2009


Fifty weeks waiting for my retreat.
It's coming soon.
This one will be short because we bought a house that has to undergo some renovations. I'm working there 7 days a week.
But not all is expectation, waiting (this is just another passing cloud). Working 7 days a week also means the work and, helping in that (the work during the work) here is a passage by Man-An:
You should not slack off for an instant. Alerting your vital spirit as your breathe out and in, watching your step as you walk forth and back, be as if you were galloping on a single horse into an opposing army of a million troops, armed with a single sword. As long as our concentration is not purely singleminded in both activity and stillness, it will be hard to attain even a little accord. Concentration of right mindfulness should be cultivated most especially in the midst of activity. You need not necessarily prefer stillness.
Not preferring, coming home, sitting down.

Keep working

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